7 Apps to Change the Way You Use Twitter

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If you use Twitter, you have probably developed very specific ways to use it, and a process for checking, updating and searching that works for you. As with any communication tool, though, it’s easy to get into such a defined routine that you can’t easily see new ways to use the tool. You may even become bored and use it less and less, even if it’s effective.

One of the things I love about Twitter is the consistent flow of new apps and tools that are developed. Some are certainly better than others, but every now and then you discover a tool that has the potential to change the way you use Twitter, and maybe even give you some insight into how you can use it even more effectively.

Here are seven Twitter apps I’ve come across recently that can help you make Twitter more useful and relevant for your purposes…or at least help you overcome your Twitter boredom.


Buffer is a Twitter app that focuses solely on giving users the ability to schedule tweets. There are three different account levels with different tweet quantities and metrics; all plans include a Chrome extension.


LiteFeed takes your Twitter stream and makes it feel like an RSS feed by expanding all shortened URLs and giving you the ability to see complete content instantly, without having to click through.


TripTwit aggregates and provides real-time Twitter travel data from thousands of sources including airlines, hotels, restaurants, public transportation and more. You select the city you’re interested in and can view current tweets, local deals and travel deals.


TweetMemo is a reminder service for Twitter. You just send a tweet or DM to @tmemo with your reminder and when you want to be reminded (+2d for 2 days, +1h for one hour, +30m is 30 minutes, etc.). You can also add people to your tweets to have them reminded, too.


TwitHawk is a real-time Twitter marketing engine that does a lot more than just search. You set up your search terms through your account, then TwitHawk searches Twitter at the interval you choose (from 15 minutes to one month) and generates a list of matches. It also integrates with Google Analytics.

Seek a Tweet

Seek a Tweet lets you see the latest tweets, Twitter users, and trends from anywhere in the world. You can use filters to search for tweets on a specific subject in a specific region.

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