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6 jQuery Newspaper/Article Type Plugins

Sam Deering

I’m sure we all would like to have a pretty unique or a little more “stylish” webpages and website layouts. This is the reason why we are giving you our collection of 6 really cool jQuery Newspaper/Article Type plugins, which we can use to have a newspaper-like website ;) With these plugins it would feel like we are reading a newspaper?

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1. jQuery Newspaper

An experimental page layout that let’s you navigate pages by swiping or dragging as in a booklet, inspired by Flipboard.
jQuery Newspaper

2. Create A Cool Spinning Newspaper Effect With Jquery

This tutorial shows how to create a spinning newspaper with a headline you choose (In The Old Batman Show Style).
Cool Spinning Newspaper Effect

3. js-columns – Newspaper Column Layout jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin is designed to help with the creation of newspaper-style column layouts in HTML.

4. eZColumns

A jQuery plugin for newspaper-like columns on the web. It grabs the child elements of a container and organizes them into a top-down, customizable, set of columns.
Source + Demo

5. Columnizer jQuery Plugin

The Columnizer jQuery Plugin will automatically layout your content in newspaper column format. You can specify either column width or a static number of columns.

6. Columnize

A plugin for the Javascript library jQuery which will allow you to create a newspaper-like column layout. The original HTML code only needs small adaptions, and in most cases, it is not necessary to adapt the code at all.