6 of the Best Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

By Tahir Taous

Web forms are essential for common data collection tasks, such as collecting email addresses, visitor information, feedback, surveys and member registrations. Even the humble contact form is usually found on most websites.

At the time of writing, searching for “contact form” on the WordPress Plugin Directory yields 1,533 results! To help navigate the volume of options and cut through the noise, I’ll cover some of the most popular, regularly updated and free WordPress contact form plugins available.

Jetpack’s Contact Form Module

Jetpack Contact Form

Jetpack is a popular and feature rich WordPress plugin with more than 30 modules. With these modules, you can add different features to your WordPress website depending on your needs.

One of Jetpack’s most commonly used modules is the Contact Form module, which provides a simple and elegant form creator. Jetpack will send an email notification for each contact form response and you can customize the email address to which the notifications will be sent. If you’re using the Akismet plugin, every form submission will be checked for spam as well.

If you want to find out more about Jetpack or install it on your site, visit the Jetpack page on the WordPress.org repository.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most downloaded, popular and flexible free contact form plugins. With over 22 million downloads on WordPress.org, Contact Form 7 is one of the most used WordPress plugins. In fact, it ranked third in the Most Popular Plugins for 2014.

Let’s explore why it’s so popular. First, Contact Form 7 provides a user friendly interface. You can create and manage multiple forms. It supports Ajax powered submission, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. It’s also available in more than 60 languages.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to using Contact Form 7 is the number of extensions that exist to bring extra features to the base plugin.

Like most popular plugins, Contact Form 7 is updated on regular basis. It was last updated on 2014, 11-24 and requires WordPress 3.9 or higher. To find out more or to download Contact Form 7 visit the WordPress.org repository.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another popular plugin to create contact forms. With drag and drop features, you can very easily create contact forms, email address collection and any other type of form within minutes. With Ninja Forms, all the magic happens within a drag-and-drop interface in your WordPress dashboard.

If you’re a developer, Ninja Forms offers hooks and filters so you can do absolutely anything. You can also contribute and help make Ninja Forms better since the Ninja Forms framework is available on GitHub.

A number of premium Ninja Forms extensions are also available. This provides you premium features like frontend editing and posting, file uploads, conditional logic, multi-part forms, PayPal integration and email marketing support.

Ninja Forms Version 2.8.10 requires WordPress 3.8 or higher, Ninja Forms has been downloaded more than 760,543 times at time of writing and has a 4.4 star average rating.

You can get your hands on Ninja Forms on WordPress.org.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form is another widely used forms plugin with over 5 million downloads from WordPress.org. This free plugin allows you to create multiple forms and modify conformation emails. It also includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block spam.

There is also a feature of redirecting visitors to a specific URL after the form submitted. All the main form fields are supported, including text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select, attachments, date and time.

The user friendly backend area of this plugin offers a great form creating experience. Forms can be inserted anywhere in your website using a simple short code.

WordPress 3.4.2 or higher is required to use this plugin. This plugin is updated on regular basis as well with the last update on 23rd December 2014 at time of writing.

If you’d like to check out Fast Secure Contact Form, download your copy from WordPress.org.

Contact Form

Contact Form

At present, there are more than 2,666,002 downloads and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, Contact Form is another great option. Contact Form is also updated on regular basis and was last updated on 25th December 2014.

This plugin is available in more than 15 languages. Like many popular plugins, a premium version is also available if you’re looking for more features. For a simple contact form, the free version is great. Version 3.84 of this plugin requires WordPress 3.1 or higher.

For more details, or to get your copy of Contact Form, visit WordPress.org.



ContactBuddy is a free plugin developed by the popular WordPress developers, iThemes. With this plugin you can add a simple contact form to widgets, posts and pages on your WordPress website. This plugin contains few necessary and fields for forms including name, email, subject, message and a reCaptcha validation option.

ContactBuddy was last updated on 11th November 2014. Version 1.1.6 requires WordPress Version 2.8 or higher and it’s compatible up to WordPress 4.0.1

If you want to check out Contact Buddy visit WordPress.org.


This is just a small selection of some of the most popular free contact form plugins for WordPress. There are many options available if the above suggestions don’t suit your needs. Some of the popular paid plugin options include Gravity Forms, Formidable. However, for most simple contact forms, the above recommendations should be more than suitable.

If you’re interested in learning more about how contact forms work, or even writing your own, SitePoint recently published an article on how to Build Your Own WordPress Contact Form Plugin in 5 Minutes that is well worth reading.


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