5 Apps You Can Use with Evernote

Alyssa Gregory

Yesterday, I wrote about the release of a new feature in Evernote, the Trunk. It’s a new platform in Evernote that makes the note-taking tool even more useful, including the new showcase of Evernote-extending apps.

I have been exploring some of the apps showcased in the Trunk and found some good ones; some I already knew about and a few that were new to me. Here are the highlights of what I found.


Gruml is an app that allows you to view and manage your Google Reader subscriptions on your Mac. When you find an article that you want to remember, you just click a button and it’s saved directly into Evernote.

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader lets you create PDFs, comment and collaborate, create and complete forms, and extract text and images. You can save your PDF files into your Evernote account by selecting the Send to Evernote option from the File menu.


reQall is a voice-enabled memory aid that integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer and reminder system. When you connect reQall to Evernote, it will automatically search your Evernote account for related items to add to your to-do lists, reminder list and calendar.

ritePen 4.0 for Windows

If you have a Windows-based writing-enable device, ritePen lets you write anywhere on your screen, including any document or application. Then you can send it right to Evernote, and it becomes a searchable note. (I personally love this one since I recently got a tablet PC.)


Seesmic mobile lets you view and update your social streams on the go. Now, while you’re browsing your networks you can send anything you’re reading right into Evernote.

Do you have a favorite app that you use with Evernote?