16 Best Product Hunt Finds for Entrepreneurs

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Some people relax by surfing Facebook or watching Netflix. I relax by going on Product Hunt. If you’re a little hazy on what Product Hunt is, picture a newsfeed devoted to the coolest new products—from apps and sites to books and resources.

Besides being entertaining, inspiring, and addictive, Product Hunt is also a veritable gold mine of cool tools. Check out my 16 favorites for entrepreneurs.

1. HoverCards

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This Chrome extension saves you a ton of time by giving you a preview of a link before you click. Let’s say you get a link to a YouTube video. Rather than opening up a whole new tab, you can watch the video right then.

2. MakerMVP

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Maybe you have an awesome idea but not the technical chops you need to execute it. Or maybe you have an awesome idea that could use insights and feedback from experts.

With MakerMVP, you can turn your awesome ideas into minimum viable products. Submit your proposal, set a budget, and you’ll be connected with makers from the Product Hunt community who will help realize your project.

3. Build vs. Buy It Calculator

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As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly making the choice between outsourcing a project or doing it in-house. This calculator will make that choice much, much easier. Just plug in the various costs, how long the project will take, the maintenance required, etc., and learn whether it’s more economical to build it or buy it.

4. Crystal

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This app is great for two reasons. First, it blocks most ads and privacy-invading trackers—which means you don’t have to look at ads or put up with privacy violations. Second, removing this content makes browsing the web way faster.

5. Angel Insights

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Wouldn’t it be helpful to listen in on conversations between angel investors as they discuss valuations, what they look for, and what they expect from their startups? Thanks to this podcast, now you can.

Check out the companion website for even more info and insights.

6. Aha! Business Model Builder

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Business models are always changing (especially now that Lean methodology is so popular). This tool allows you to create a comprehensive, fleshed-out business plan that can be updated any time you iterate.
From high-level sections like Vision and Positioning to more specific components like operating costs and customer segments, using the business model builder will definitely help you clarify your goals, plans, and features.

7. unSend.it

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This extension takes the Gmail “undo” feature and elevates it to a whole new level.

Unlike Undo, which only works in the first few seconds after you’ve pressed “Send,” unSend allows you to edit or unsend any email—even if the recipient has already opened it. You can also edit or unsend attachments, track when the recipient opened your message, and make your email self-destruct after it’s been opened.

8. SaaS Invaders

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Think of Saas Invaders as Groupon for startups. Each week, startup founders receive discounts on four different web applications. This week, for example, entrepreneurs can get exclusive offers on Recruitee, Algolia, Typeform, and hotjar.

Since signing up is free, and you’re under no obligation to buy, becoming a member is a no-brainer.

9. Crisp

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Stop wasting time re-writing the same basic email. Crisp is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use template keyboard.

You can add an unlimited number of templates, sort them into folders (for example, “Clients,” “Investors,” “Board,” etc.), and select favorites. Best of all? Crisp can be used within any app, so whether you communicate primarily by email, text, or social media, you’ll always have the right message on hand.

10. Big Decisions App

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When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a big decision to make every day. The Big Decisions app (only available on iPad for now), helps you collect and organize the most important factors for consideration.

As one reviewer said, “It’s useful, attractive, smart, and sleek.”

11. Work Hard Anywhere

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You’ve probably spent your fair share of wandering from coffee shop to café to bookstore in a fruitless search for good WiFi.

That’s where the WHA app comes in. It shows you where to find the best spaces to work near your current location, taking into account not only WiFi, but outlet availability, size, food options, priceyness, and parking options.

12. Checkeeper

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Checkeeper makes printing your own checks nearly frictionless. All you have to do is upload a photo or scanned image of your check, and you’ll have a printable check template you can use again and again.

And since it doesn’t require anything beyond regular paper and ink, you can literally print a check anywhere you’ve got a printer.

13. Assistant.to

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Scheduling meetings usually takes some effort. First, you email back and forth to decide on a time; then once you’ve picked a compatible one, you have to send a Gcal invite and wait for the other person to accept.

However, Assistant.to eliminates all that back-and-forth. After downloading it, you’ll see a little icon in your email compose window. Click it, and the app will work with your recipient to find a time when you’re both available.

14. Volley

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When you need on-the-go input from engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers, or designers, Volley is perfect. The app (which is available on both desktop and mobile) serves as a peer-to-peer advice platform. Questions range from “What font management software do you use?” to “At what point in my startup should I start applying to accelerators?”

15. Wondr

No matter how advanced your business is, it’s always important to interact with your customers. However, when you’re running a startup, it’s crucial—not only does every interaction humanize your brand and increase customer loyalty, but you can collect valuable insights into what your product does well and what needs to change.

Which is why Wondr is such a useful app. It lets you start chat sessions with your Twitter followers, who will be anonymous while you talk.

You can set a topic for each chat session; we envision starting sessions such as, “What would you like to see in the next update?” or “How do you feel about X feature?”

15. AnyPerk

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As a young company, you probably don’t have tons of perks (besides the ubiquitous ping-pong table, of course). AnyPerk is a solid solution. The program allows you to offer your employees discounts up to 50% on more than 850 products, including gym memberships, childcare services, and electronics. In addition, the Rewards feature lets you send team members online credits toward gifts of their choice.

16. Startup Yar

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The list you’re reading has some great recommendations, but if you want even more, check out Startup Yar. It’s a tools and apps directory sorted into startup stages, from “name my startup” to “legal.” Bonus: Most of the tools are free.

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