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15 Great jQuery Navigation Menus

Sam Deering
Navigation design is a very important part of a any website because your visitors would much probably see this at their first time visit. Ideally, having a good main menu makes navigating on your website easy, fast and the most important is your visitor will be comfortable surfing your website. However, some of the websites still uses a poor looking navigation; a simple white background with text on it like hyperlinks. So we’re going to use the power of jQuery to make them look good and professional with 15 jQuery Navigation Menu Plugins. Enjoy.

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1. Apple Menu Style

Make a cool Apple Menu inspired jQuery Navigation!

Source Demo

2. Color Fading Menu

As the name says, it will fade the first color of the menu item into a new when hovered.

Source Demo

3. Animated Drop Down Menu

Smooth and neat jQuery Drop Down Menu.


4. Random Link Color

Change an element’s color randomly when you hover it!

Source Demo

5. Scrollable

Make your navigation scrollable vertically or horizontally. And decide how many items that are visible once.


6. MooTools Inspired jQuery

A Moo Tool Hompage jQuery navigation look like jQuery navigation.

Source Demo

7. Animated Menu

This navigation provides an animation that will be triggered when a user hovers your menu item.

Source Demo

8. jqDock Menu

Allows you to transform a set of images into Mac-like Dock Menu.


9. Sliding jQuery Menu

A typical menu but has sliding jQuery effects.

Source Demo

10. CSS Mac Book Menu

This will make your navigational menu into a Mac-like Dock.


11. Kwicks

Similar to Mootools effect but offers a highly customizable widget.


12. Fading Menu with Content Replacing

jQuery menu that has fading effect while replacing contents.


13. Garage door effect

Offers cool Garage door jQuery effect!


14. jQuery idTabs

Makes ease on adding tabs into a website.


15. Lavalamp

Amazing light weighted jQuery menu package.