15 Deliciously Creative Food Packaging Designs

Gabrielle Gosha

Never judge a book by its cover, or so the old adage goes, but let’s be honest with ourselves — we evaluate all sorts of things based on their appearance. It’s no different when it comes to design, especially when it comes to food packaging, the wrapping designed to elicit one of your most primal impulses…hunger. No one wants to purchase anything they’re going to consume in a beat up package, so why would you purchase anything that’s in an ugly package?

Beautiful package designs aren’t just there for us to admire. The packaging design further expands a food company’s branding presence. Food packaging an important step in a process that gets your product off of shelves and into customer hands (or shopping carts). Having attractive and eye-catching food designs, along with good branding practices, will surely help your product to sell, and if you’re in the business of selling food, mouthwatering package designs will definitely get hungry shoppers to buy. Below, you will find 15 deliciously creative food packaging designs that will surely appeal to your appetite.

Marou Chocolate

Mi Happy Panettone

Yamarka Platinum

Gran Farina



Yummy Ice Cream



Point G

Nonna Lina



Einem Chocolate


Do any of these packaging designs appeal to you, or is there another design that gets you hungry? What makes a good packaging design in your opinion?