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10 Inspiring Typography-Based Designs

By Gabrielle Gosha



Typography presents an often-overlooked opportunity to convey more than the words themselves can express. Design choices like relative size, juxtaposition, alignment, and typeface can add enormous strength and efficacy to your message. Or, conversely, the wrong choices can create visual confusion and a fragmented, ineffective design.

Believe it or not, you can actually produce a strong, compelling design with little more than the typography itself. If you’re typography is large enough, carries an interesting design, and is manipulated in some engaging manner, you can actually forgo using any complementary visuals, which can ultimately give your design a cleaner look. If you don’t believe this is possible, then check out today’s showcase of great typographical use in both print and web design.

Build Responsively

build reponsively



Pulp Fingers

pulp fingers



Give Beyond

give beyond

Moving Poster

moving poster

Amazee Labs

amazee labs





So Pro Bono

so pro bono

How big or little of the role does typography play in your designs? Do you have a favorite from this bunch, perhaps a design not featured here or a specific font you like to use? If so feel free to share.

Gabrielle is a creative type who specializes in graphic design, animation and photography.

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