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By Joel Falconer

10 Awesome Webfonts You Can Get For Free

By Joel Falconer

Everyone’s decking their websites out in Proxima Nova and Adele now that services like Typekit make webfonts easy to use and the standard web-safe set look increasingly dated. But what if you don’t want to throw down recurring money for a service like that, or your client doesn’t want to add an additional expense to the development of their site? That’s no longer a problem — there are plenty of great-looking webfonts available for free.

Starting, of course, with two of the classics of the webfonts movement…

Museo Slab


Museo Sans






Bebas Neue

Droid Sans

District Thin

  • Museo Slab is awesome, but not free, at least through Font Squirrel. You can get it on the freebie Typekit plan.

    • If you click the download button on FontSquirrel which takes you through to Fontspring you can download Museo Slab 500 and Museo Slab 500 Italic — it’s not all the weights and styles you get with Typekit (which is what I personally use) but it’s not too bad for free!

  • Jeff Bowman

    Oops, they’re not free after all.

    A few clicks on each reveals a shopping cart and a price tag.

    • Try clicking “@font-face Kit” and it allows you to download and use in your sites for 100% free.

      • Jeff Bowman

        Got it, thanks.

  • Rob

    I prefer to just use

    They are free and there’s a great selection. Not to mention Google makes it REALLY EASY to add them to your site. they produce all the code you need.

  • EM

    pretty nice blog post but like everybody said, this are not free.  TypeKit which i have a subscription has a “free” (limited) account, which has tons of great fonts, but again its limited.
    As Rob mentioned Google web fonts its something to consider. Maybe not all fancy cool fonts, but there are some pretty awesome.

    And lets be honest, having the ability to have a different font on your site which ever it is, that is the way to go and making it free and easy as at the moment is the way to go until Typekit becomes more easier.

    Downside: it can be a bit slow to load the webfonts compared to the paid sites, but in any case you can also have it embedded in your site and not loading from an external site. options +1

    • What do you mean it’s not free? You can use any of those fonts on any number of sites without paying a penny. You may have to host the stylesheets and font files yourself, but I view that as an upside because if your site is up, then your fonts will show and you can reduce requests because you can add the CSS into your own stylesheets.

  • Every time I read a “10 free fonts” article it’s always the same fonts. Some of these are quite old (you’re still mentioning museo?). Some aren’t even very good for web too (Aller is a very odd looking sans-serif and I don’t know why it gets mentioned at all).

    Maybe it’s time to do a “10 Fonts worth paying for” article?

  • Roarer51256

    They are not free. What a boneheaded article.

    • Try clicking “@font-face Kit” and it allows you to download and use in your sites for 100% free. I can’t believe everyone keeps saying they’re not free. The REALLY ARE FREE. I’ve used them on several sites without paying a penny.

    • Guest

      Who’s the bonehead? I just downloaded them for free.

  • Why didn’t you just make this a FontSquirrel article?

  • Awesome fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jackiswims

    where is MUSEO available free as advertised here?

  • Typekit webfonts are really very nice and for sure will be very effective….. It is quite true for a webpage like quality content and color; choosing the best font is also important. The font should be attractive, still soothing for reading…..

    Thanks for sharing such quality article….

  • good collection but i think some of them i saw long before???or its different????
    can anyone tell me???

  • Stephan

    I think I might be a bonehead, but when I click on “@font-face kits” as somebody suggested, I keep getting on a page with tons of fonts classified under categories, BUT without the 10 supposedly free fonts (Museo Slab is NOT on the list for example…)

    Can somebody tell me where to click in order to get those free fonts please ?

  • Alex

    Fonts are free and are good, but they do not have a set of Cyrillic characters, and it is bad

  • Good info, has anyone an artistic variation. Let me know.


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