10 Amazing jQuery Image Sliders

Sam Deering

jQuery Image Slideshows may come in handy, it can make your website look professional and as well as make it more user friendly.
Below is a selection of 10 jQuery Slideshow plugins.

I have included Developer’s website as well as the Demo page so that you can clearly see what it will look like before you decide to use it. They have unique effects of transitions. One of them uses Mosaic like effects, while some of them use gentle easing effects and much more. They can be easily installed and customized to suite your website’s appearance. You might need to be a bit familiar with Javascript and CSS to do customizing but as long as you understand what you’re doing, everything’s going to be fine.

1. Mosaic Slide show

This jQuery image slider has mosaic like effects. A cool effect that has advantage to other jQuery Image Slider because its animation is very unique.

Live Demo

2. NIVO Slider

A very professional looking jQuery image slider. It uses neat effects and neat transition of animations as well.

Live Demo

3. Easy Slider 1.7

Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider.

Live Demo

4. JCoverFlip

Present your featured content elegantly. This uses a album cover like effects.

5. Automatic Image Rotator

Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery.

6. jQuery Blinds

Blinds effects jQuery image Slider.

Live Demo

7. BarackSlideshow

An elegant, lightweight slideshow.

Live Demo

8. Rotating Billboard System

jQuery that uses rotating billboard system effects with CSS.

Live Demo

9. Animate Panning Slideshow

Animate Panning Slideshow with jQuery.

Live Demo

10. jQuery Easy Slides v1.1

A jQuery image slider that is easy to use. It has advantages among other jQuery Image Slider because it offers simple effects and simple coding.

Live Demo