27 Work-from-Home Advantages and Why I’ll Never Go Back

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homeofficeMany of us who freelance or run our own businesses work from home. And while working in the confines of your living quarters can present a very unique set of challenges, I think most of us really appreciate our situations. But how often do you stop and think about all of the benefits you get by working on your home turf?

In honor of August being National Home Business Month in the U.S., here are my top 27 reasons why I love working from home and would never want to trade my work-at-home status for anything.

  1. I can be here for my kids and manage my time so when we’re together it’s quality time.
  2. I am more productive.
  3. It’s easier to plan time to exercise.
  4. I don’t have to commute.
  5. I make my hours and can always find time to get things done, even if it’s in the middle of the night.
  6. Some of my days are immensely challenging, and I love every minute of it.
  7. I don’t have to deal with innocent, but still inaccessible websites due to company firewalls.
  8. It’s easier to schedule personal and household appointments during the day without losing out on work time.
  9. I find my home-based work environment significantly less stressful than any of the corporate jobs I’ve had in my life.
  10. I have more time to volunteer and spend time on my personal causes.
  11. I can schedule downtime, days off and vacation when it’s convenient for me.
  12. I eat healthier (and save money at the same time).
  13. I don’t have to worry about “big brother” watching over my shoulder.
  14. I am in complete control of my own income.
  15. My pets love the extra attention they get during the day.
  16. No office politics (well, for the most part).
  17. Weekends in my household are usually less chaotic because many of the usual weekend errands and tasks can be done during the week.
  18. I get to do what I love to do every single day.
  19. There are tax advantages because I can deduct some of my home’s operating expenses as business expenses.
  20. I can use whatever OS, platforms and software I want.
  21. I can wear comfortable clothes (no, I never work in my PJs!).
  22. I have more time to get actively involved in networking, conferences and other professional development activities.
  23. I get to make dinner for my kids every night and not have to worry about making it home on time.
  24. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about business and personal finances and financial planning.
  25. I get to choose my clients and not have them assigned to me.
  26. When I need to work from somewhere else, I can take my office with me.
  27. I’m fulfilling every dream I’ve ever had in terms of work success and being my own boss.

So, what are your favorite perks of working from home?

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Alyssa Gregory is a digital and content marketer, small business consultant, and the founder of the Small Business Bonfire — a social, educational and collaborative community for entrepreneurs.

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