SitePoint Premium New Releases: React + React Native

    Joel Falconer
    Joel Falconer

    We’re working hard to keep you on the cutting edge of your field with SitePoint Premium. We’ve got plenty of new books to check out in the library — let us introduce you to them.

    Get Started with React Native

    For developers with a web background, frameworks such React Native allow you to create mobile apps with languages you’re already familiar with: HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript. This guide will help get you up and running with React Native.

    ➤ Read Get Started with React Native.

    Build Your Own React Universal Blog App

    An introductory course to building your first universal React app. Starting with an introduction to React, and then getting familiar with the invaluable React toolkit – Create React App, we’ll then walk you through the steps of creating a universal React blog app from scratch.

    ➤ Read Build Your Own React Universal Blog App.

    And More to Come…

    We’re releasing new content on SitePoint Premium several times per week, so we’ll be back next week with the latest updates. And don’t forget: if you haven’t checked out our offering yet, take our library for a spin.