WordPress Disqus js Hiding My Comments

Sam Deering

You may have noticed that I have just integrated Disqus comment engine into the blog to make it easier for people to comment on posts and easier for myself to manage and stay on top of replying to posts. I did however run into a problem where it seems all the previous comments (old comments imported from WordPress) are loading into the page but not showing. If you inspect you can see the comments are clearly loading into the page, but not showing.

It just says “0 comments”.

It’s not working!!!

disqus removing comments

On investigation it looks like the Disqus plugin has a conflict with the W3 Total Cache (and W3 Super Cache) plugins. I tried the WordPress plugin for automatic import of comments which didn’t work. I then tried the manual export from WordPress as a WXR file and imported into Diqus directly: disqus.com/admin/tools/import/platform/wordpress/ which worked! :)

Login to WordPress and click > Tools > Export > All content (This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts).

It’s working!!!

disqus comments working