WireShark – go deep! (HTTP Request Analysis)

Sam Deering


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. I have only brushed the surface with this tool so far but it comes in handy when performing analysis on http requests between your machine and others on the network.


Before you start

  • Wireshark captures every request so only click start when you are ready to capture and click stop when your finished
  • You’ll need your IP address

Basic Instructions

  1. Download, install, run
  2. Click start to capture requests
  3. Use the expression filter to find your requests, here are some common filters:
    1. ip.addr == 10.27.999.99 (for example)
    2. ip.dst == 10.27.999.99 (for example)
  4. Find the request you want to analyse and Right click > Follow TCP Stream
  5. This should bring up the request in full