By Matthew Magain

Who Said Beautiful Web Design was Hard?

By Matthew Magain

Not to blow our own trumpet (most of you know anyway) but earlier this year we published a pretty awesome book. Of course ALL of our books are awesome, so let’s just say that this book is super awesome. You’d know it as The Principles of Beautiful Web Design written by Jason “the designer man” Beaird…

No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t improve on Jason’s magnificent authoring job, so we’ve decided to do something a little different. I’d like to introduce you to…

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design – Hardcover Signature Edition
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design: Hard Cover in stock Dec 17th

Yep, that’s right: this brilliant book is being released in super-durable and simply gorgeous hardcover format…

Don’t bother looking in your local bookstore or Amazon — these puppies are exclusive to, and they’ll hit our warehouse on December 17.

There are only 1000 signature editions arriving, and we’re giving you, the SitePoint faithful, a chance to get in first!

Place your order before the 17th and it’ll be shipped the second the books arrive. The sooner you order, the more cash you’ll save…

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Order by December 3 and pay only US $39.95 (save 20%)
  • Order by December 16 pay only US $44.95 (save 10%)
  • Or you can pay the full price from December 17 onwards of US $49.95 (and save nothing!)

To sweeten the deal, you’ll also get a FREE PDF copy of the book (worth $29.95) and a FREE color reference card (worth $9.95) with every order.

Now I don’t need to convince anyone how good this book is — the 10,000 copies we sold in the first month are proof enough. Or perhaps the hundreds of positive reviews from people like you tell the story. There’s no denying it, this book rocks!

Here’s my favourite customer quote: “The chapter on color is worth the full cost of the book but then the rest is just icing. Really, really good icing.” Matt Gromes.

Perfect for your coffee table, or to replace your existing overworked copy, this signature edition also makes the ideal gift for a friend or colleague.

Be a part of SitePoint history by owning an exclusive copy of our first-ever hardcover book.

Secure your copy now!

  • Eyespi20

    I have the soft-cover book, and refer back to it often. It’s been an invaluable tool to me in creating a website I’m proud to say I created for a friend of mine.

    That being said, I can’t imagine why anyone would want the hard cover edition except as a collectors item.

    Good luck with it, though.


  • elemental70

    Yup. Gotta agree with Margaret. I’ve got the softcover (heck I’ve got most of your book twice due to new editions) and can’t see myself buying the hardcover. But, its cool anyway that you did that. Might I suggest a revisiting of Kevin Yank’s Seminal PHP/MySQL work? Updated? Perhaps with a more “pro” project (IE no more jokes database). I can tell you that since you started making your books full color, I’ve found that they hold my attention longer and are easier and faster to learn from as well as being gorgeous.

    Sitepoint Rocks!

  • Dawn

    I love this book and have been recommending it to friends. $40 is a good price for a hard cover and the black looks sharp. I think I’ll buy it for myself and give away my soft cover copy as a Christmas present.

  • logic_earth

    I couldn’t resist I had to get it before the such a deal went away x.x
    Well I didn’t buy the first soft-cover edition so seemed very well worth it to pick this one up. Can’t wait.

  • Ordered my hardcover copy just before midnight struck… I couldn’t resist.

  • Looks like a good book – might have to order one to go with my other sitepoint books…

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