10 Stylish jQuery Form Plugins

Sam Deering

Sometimes we tend to experiment just to make our web forms more inviting. So to save you time, we are giving you today our collection of 10 Stylish jQuery Form plugins that your visitors would definitely love! Enjoy!

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1. StyledSelect jQuery Plugin

The styledSelect plugin for jQuery lets you replace

2. File Style Plugin for jQuery

File Style plugin fixes this problem. It enables you to use image as browse button. You can also style filename field as normal textfield using CSS. It is written using JavaScript and jQuery.
File Style Plugin

3. Seahorse

Is a JavaScript library, licensed as free software, created to simplify the use of forms, particularly to simplify the form validation.

4. Create a Beautiful Password Strength Meter in jQuery

We will be creating a beautiful password strength indicator. Only when a sufficiently complex password is entered, will the user be able to continue with their registration.
Password Strength Meter

5. jqBootstrapValidation

jQuery validation plugin for bootstrap forms.

6. jQuery.my

Short plugin for jQuery library. It allows real-time bi-directional binding between HTML controls and native JavaScript objects. Non-interactive HTML elements also can be tied with JavaScript objects to reflect their values in real-time.
Source + Demo

7. Coding a Guided Registration Form with jQuery

We can embed hidden form tips which only display when the user has focused on a particular field. These hints can be used to denote syntax, such as the required length of usernames or passwords. But it’s a great usability tactic which livens.
Guided Registration Form

8. Slide Submit : A jQuery Plugin For Spam-less Forms

A jQuery plugin which will convert almost any object into a form-submitting or form-enabling slider. Instead of pressing a button, users can slide the slider to submit the form.
Slide Submit

9. igorescobar : jQuery Mask Plugin

A jQuery plugin to make field masks.
Features : String/Numeric/Alpha/Mixed masks. Reverse Mask. Data type validation. Automatic maxlength. Live event’s for ajax/realtime apps. Callbacks. On-the-fly mask change.

10. QuickValidate: Building a jQuery Validation Plugin

User input is everywhere, from contact forms to sign-up formsand from surveys to complex user interfaces. Forms come in many shapes and sizes, colors and styles, but they all have something in common; validation.