SitePoint’s First ASP.NET Book!

Philip Miseldine
Philip Miseldine

If I was a politician, I’d have the opposition screaming “conflict of interest!” and I’d have to resign to spend more time with my family.

Luckily, I’m just a humble nerd, so if I speak about SitePoint’s Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET I am but spreading an honest word about just how good this book is.

I’m not usually one for text books. I often find hacking away at Visual Studio, getting frustrated, but learning as I go is my preferred teaching method. I often read examples in books and instantly loose interest…oh great, another “Hello World” or “What is your name” script.

But, when I was given the opportunity to provide a review of SitePoint’s latest, I was struck by just how accessible the book was. I was interested in the examples, the analogies were refreshing, and even though I consider myself pretty well versed in .NET, I found myself learning some new tricks and approaches.

I often read books and ask “Yes, but why do that?” or “How can I use this in reality?”. I did the same with this book, yet it answered almost all my questions. C# Unleashed had a similiar effect on me, which I rate as one of the finest books around. But this book eclipses even that in my estimation. No mean feat!

I’ve heard people for a long while shout about the virtues of SitePoint’s books.. The PHP Anthology and the The Web Design Business Kit spring to mind. And now .NET joins that illustrious line, and very welcome it is too :)

Best of all, you can read the first few chapters online before you buy. Chapter 1 is available today on the site, or visit the book’s homepage to receive 4 chapters by email.