Scalable Vector Graphics

Blane Warrene

The W3C is issuing a final call for comments on its draft of Scalable Vector Graphics 1.2. After a review of public input the SVG Working Group will be submitting for candidacy.

If you have not explored SVG yet – put it on your radar. It is an XML-based language for web grapics and can interact with traditional web formats such as gif, jpg, png, html and others.

The best way to relay the power of SVG to you is to show it – and no better examples exist than on Adobe’s SVG Zone (Adobe has an excellent viewer to download for free as well). The amazing demos are found here that were created for real world use.

Once you see them – you will most definitely see the applicability to the web developer and designer’s goals to take applications and user interfaces to the next level.

I personally have been exploring SVG for use in a reporting solution that can generate interactive charts with drill down capabilities. This is for a web application project I have been involved with for nearly 18 months. It is in production for several corporate users – and the next logical step in its roadmap is to take the reporting capabilities (it is a data aggregation, mining and transformation tool) and user interface to a higher level, with more sophisticated charting options.

For an excellent ‘get started with SVG’ tutorial (one that I started with as well a while back) — check out this very useful How-To at

NOTE: The Adobe viewer works across multiple platforms – but thought I would add that Mozilla has some native support via builds in CVS if you dare. That link is here —