Guilherme Muller

Guilherme is a freelance full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience working with websites. With a passion for HTML and CSS, he specializes in the intricacies of building and structuring web pages and layouts.

Author of

Using the HelloSign API Dashboard and Test Mode
Video released April 13, 2017
Making Your First API Call with HelloSign
Video released April 13, 2017
Add More Responsive Tricks to Your Toolbelt
Course released July 12, 2017
Get up and Running with Sass in an Hour
Course released July 12, 2017
Learn the CSS Tricks for Custom Web Elements
Course released May 19, 2017
Build a Responsive Web Site from Scratch
Course released April 12, 2017
Build Your Own HTML Media Player
Course released June 11, 2015
Understand HTML Principles with Your First Website
Course released January 5, 2015
Build Your First Website From Design to Code
Course released September 29, 2014

Currently working on

CSS Master