By Philip Miseldine

Nothing Like Free Controls!

By Philip Miseldine

Need a menu? A forum for your site? A rich text box for a contact page?

Here’s a quick list of free controls and source code packs for ASP.NET that I just couldn’t live without:

UI: TimothyHumphrey.WebControls

Simple to code, simple to deploy, Timothy Humphrey has produced a collection of controls offering cross-browser menus (which can even be built from CSS), frames, and an anti-spam mail link. Code output is concise and tidy, which is quite a rarity for menu controls!

Forum Software: ASP.NET Forums

Written by Microsoft, and used on the official ASP.NET web site, this forum software is quick to install, feature-rich and can sit up there with any of those PHP boards.

Input: FreeTextBox

This is my favourite control of all. Slick, immensely powerful, and now works in Mozilla and Firefox, FreeTextBox is a WYSIWYG editor for your users. You can even print from the control, save to RTF, open an RTF, heck it’s an editor inside your web page for just 1 line of code on your part.

Blogging: DasBlog

DasBlog is a free blogging solution by newtelligence. With all the features you’d expect, such as Trackbacks, pingbacks, Blogger API implementations, and a zippy cache engine, this is the tool to get your message out to the people!

Any freebies you can’t live without? Drop a comment!

  • Very cool! I especially like that FreeTextBox. I’ll be bookmarking this blog. :)

  • Hehe, I’m going to need to use ColdFusion soon…so likewise mate :)

  • Cory M.

    I love FreeTextBox! I can fully expect to be using it on several projects of mine.

    Thanks bunches, Philip.

  • What about .Text ( and FlexWiki (http;//

  • Good call Derek. I still prefer dasBlog though :)

    And the Wiki project looks great.

  • Don’t forget:

    There ware so many cool tools there.

  • How about DotNetNuke ( This is a really amazing content management system written entirely in VB.NET. A new version is in beta now and is slated to be relased on 3/15.


    Hi, we have recently released a FREE Community Edition of our security component for .NET – PortSight Secure Access. It provides user management and access control features and can be downloaded from


    Petr Palas, PortSight

  • May be you could find useful my free ASP.NET 2.0 web controls for Google AdSense.


    The difference from others similar is ability to setup parameters like AdSense PublisherID, channels, colors, etc in Web.config file so you do not need (but still able) to do it for every page.

    More about me at

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