By Kevin Yank

News Wire: Zend Framework is here

By Kevin Yank

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  • Thanks for those links.

    Should we hope getting some articles about Zend Framework? :)

  • Anybody else dissapointed about the new ZendFramework? it does not even support scaffolding or pagination or other common tasks :( which are easy with Cake or CI

  • @pixelsoul:

    I’m not in the least bit disappointed with Zend Framework. The tasks which it was designed to do it does very well and doesn’t impose any more of it’s library on you than what you need. You’re free to pick and choose the parts you want, which I find very, very nice (especially when integrating with existing projects).

    And like either of the frameworks you mentioned, ZFW 1.0 isn’t so much the destination as it is a milestone on the journey. As the framework is adopted people will suggest new classes and functionality to be incorporated into a later release, and that could certainly include both the features you mentioned :)

    I don’t know about CI but Cake has been around for about 3 years now, whereas ZFW has been under developement for under a year. Give it time :)

  • JasonM

    It’s not that I am dissapointed with Zend framework, it’s just that there are better alternatives at them moment, namely, symfony framework. It’s got scaffolding, code generators, and a decent amount of documentation.

  • Bakytn

    I like the structure of ZF.
    Also I like the fact that this FW is official :) And can easily become de-facto standard..

    I very very like CakePHP though.

  • Zend_Layout is missing…

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