News Wire: IE 7: Were they ready?

Kevin Yank
  • Development of the official Ruby VM is proving to be slow and buggy, while three new competitors (JRuby, Ruby.NET, and Rubeneus) are gaining ground. With no official roadmap, will competing interests lead to fragmentation of the language?
  • A nice and easy introduction to Groovy, an open source scripting language written specifically for the Java platform, and Grails, a web application framework similar to Rails but written for the Groovy language.
  • A report on the actual browser window sizes (not screen sizes) and other statistics taken from three fashion sites and a web development blog.
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  • From the official Zope 3 wiki, this article is an excellent getting started guide to Zope 3, the latest incarnation of the original web development framework for Python.
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  • Certainly controversial, this article nevertheless makes some good points about the limitations of current CSS support in browsers, and how we choose to get around them. Is misusing tables for layout necessarily worse than misusing CSS to produce grids?
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  • The analysis is a little twisty, but this article explains how to dramatically improve the page load times of web applications that load a lot of resources (images, CSS, JavaScript) by enabling HTTP keepalives and using multiple hostnames. (thanks harryf)
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  • A neat new blog from Dan Saffer collecting photos of everyday interfaces that may provide inspiration for interaction designers.
  • In an effort to gauge the number of sites that break when a user updates to IE 7, design firm Etre compared all of the FTSE 100 companies’ sites in IE 6 and IE 7 to find out how many would break. See the results for yourself!
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