A Six-Pack of New Twitter Apps

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Twitter apps are popping up all the time. If you’re a Twitter user, you may enjoy exploring new tools and seeing how they can help you use Twitter for business and personal purposes.

To help you get your Twitter fix for the day and maybe find a new tool to use on a regular basis, here are six new Twitter apps to test out.


A Twitter app for finding out what people are saying about movies that are currently in theaters. Users rate the reviews and each movie has a score to help you decide what to go see. The website shows current movies, a description and other information about the movie, tweets about the movie, and a place to vote.


If you “like” a lot of things on Facebook, you’ll probably enjoy this tool. You simply install the like button, post a tweet from your Twitter client, and it will include a link that allows followers to “like” it. You change the settings to have all tweets or just specific tweets include the like button, choose whether or not you want to receive direct messages when someone likes your tweet, and change the wording that comes before the like link.


Searching for a new Twitter client? Multwiple is a web-based twitter client that works like several other options out there and allows you to use all of your twitter accounts in one place. Other features include a built-in URL shortener, search, statistics and all of the usual Twitter client functionality.


A very simple and straightforward way to schedule tweets for later. You can use the Tweet-U-Later Twitter application through the website or via email.


TwiMMS is a multimedia messaging service for Twitter that focuses on using Twitter to exchange media-rich messages. You can send messages formatted in HTML or upload attachments to followers via tweet or direct message.

If you’re trying to find a link you saw or tweeted yourself on Twitter, this tool might help. It’s an app that lets you find a link posted by anyone on Twitter. You start by entering a user name and it pulls up all of that person’s tweets that include links. Then you can enter a keyword to filter the results.

Have you come across any new Twitter apps lately that offer something new and interesting?

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