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Moving up the food chain

Andrew Neitlich

Hopefully all readers of this blog by now know the importance of writing educational and informational pieces to establish yourself as a credible expert in your marketplace. Maybe some of you are even taking it upon yourself to write a book. I’ve done that and it has made a huge difference in my status to clients and to my income.

And nowI’ve just been quoted in a book. The author, Brian Carroll, called me out of the blue (thanks to my writing) and interviewed me. And now I appear on page 163 of his book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, as “Celebrated business-building consultant Andrew Neitlich.” The book is published by McGraw Hill and due out this month.

I like that. Now see how this kind of thing works for both parties:

– Brian’s writing job is easier because he quotes lots of people like me throughout the book.

– He also gets publicity from people like me, as we tell others that we are in the book.

– I gain a bit more exposure by being cited in his book, as it is not everyday that someone is quoted in a book.

– All I had to do was spend a few minutes with Brian on the phone. He did all the work for me.

This is a tiny thing in the scheme of marketing, but it’s worth noting.