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By Jennifer Farley

Looking at Logos: Pixel Logos

By Jennifer Farley

Favicons on the web have given us a taste of what some well known images and symbols can look like when reduced down to tiny squares. Pixels (short for picture elements) are the smallest part of a digital image. A pixel is essentially a small square of color located at a specific part of an image. As an essential building block of a digital image, it is probably no surprise that designers are using what looks like giant pixels as building blocks in their logo designs.

By their nature, the symbols created using pixels tend to look quite basic and often quite abstract. The symbols are colorful, but often with a range of tints based around one single color. They convey the idea of elements coming together to create a recognizable icon. Pixel-style designs require skill to pull off effectively, or they can appear to give the impression of a badly drawn (on the computer) image.

So now for your viewing pleasure and inspiration, here’s a small collection of logos using pixels as a major design element. (It’s probably no coincidence that a few of these businesses have Pixel or Pix in their names.)



Scans by HelloUriah


433 by Mister Jones


PyxPox by Bit Hoang


Digitweet by John Boerckel


Interoute by Jesse Higgins


Pixskull by Mike Erickson


Pixlance by Mike Cresk

What do you think of these logo designs? Do you like the “pixel” concept? Have you used it in your work?

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  • Anonymous

    Wow what timing.. I’ve been trying to finalize a logo for a company called Pxl 8 Creative. Great inspiration…

  • Art Bergquist

    Hi Jennifer,

    Clicking on the ‘Laughing Lion Design’ link above took me to which is a Canadian Healthcare web site; the link should take us to your actual website (viz.,

  • Otto

    I love pixel art. Reminds me of those 16bit and earlier games.

  • Digressing, just a bit, I love’s logo:

  • honzahommer

    And what about

  • High Quality Festival Colors

    very tedious job to do this…….great examplas

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