Logo Design Trends: The Rainbow

Jennifer Farley

Recently on Design Festival I posted about Cubism as a trend in logo design, over on SitePoint you can see some earlier posts I wrote about Pixels and The Shift as trends in logo design, but today I’m continuing with a look at the use of the rainbow, or rainbow colors in identities.

When I’m teaching logo design in the classroom, one of the “tests” I ask my students to do is to check that their logo designs work in black and white. If they find their logo suffers or becomes unrecognizable because of the lack of color, it’s generally a case of going back to the drawing board. One of the reasons we do this test is to see if the logo will work when used in media other than web or television. A logo may be used in black and white news print or as a single color embroidery for example.

Having said all that, we are living more and more in an RGB world, rather than the print world of CMYK. Multicolor identities have become very popular. Using rainbow colors in symbols allows a minimal, often simplistic design to appear as a vibrant feast of color. Color as we know is a great way to grab attention and this is why this trend is popular with designers. Rainbows, or scales of color bleeding into each other can convey a freshness and sense of movement which is not apparent with a single color.

So here’s a small compilation of logos using vibrant rainbow colors for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. These logos come from logo pond, creattica and behance – all great sources of design inspiration.



Vivid Ways





Cancer Therapies


Star Creative


Chili Con Color


Smooth Festival




Our Society


Mi Creative Studio


Papeterie Haute-Ville



What do you think about these logos? Do you like them? Do any of them stand out for you or do the rainbow colored symbols make them all look generic?