Let’s do a case study comparing five money-making websites

Andrew Neitlich
Andrew Neitlich

The next series of blogs should be valuable to many of you. What I’d like to do is introduce you to 5 websites that are in development now, and lead you through a series of questions to get you thinking about using the web to make money.

This first blog post is intended to get you thinking, and we will peel the onion back a bit as we progress.

Following are descriptions of 5 web sites I am developing now. I’ll share you the links when they are all ready. Four are very similar. One is different. What I’d like you to do is place bets on which will work, which won’t and — most importantly — why. Next post I’ll let you in on my own thinking.

1. A site that teaches fitness instructors how to teach boxing fitness. For $237.50 people receive certification, video clips, a manual, a marketing manual, and 1-1 coaching with an expert professional boxer. People take an online test to get certified.

2. A site that teaches people how to make money as a practicing astrologer. The price is $187.50 and includes all of the above, except with astrology as the focus and no videos. However, they do receive their birth chart to use as they learn how to interpret an astrological chart. Again, includes a certificate after passing an online test.

3. A site teaching people how to become an executive coach. Same materials as #2 plus a bunch of special bonuses including a report on how to lead strategic retreats for $20,000. The cost is $399. Again, includes 1-1 coaching, manuals, and online test for certification (this time based on case studies and essays).

4. A site teaching healthcare providers how to market their services more effectively. Same things as #2 and #3, plus a free guide about how to run a profitable healthcare practice. Cost is $499.

5. A free site for professionals to network and exchange leads. The site has numerous links to my own books. It will expand from community to community. Here the money is made on sale, and peripherally on my own books plus advertising opportunities.

So, which do you think will succeed and why? Which will bomb, and why?

More details to come, but this is just an intro….