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jQuery Speed Test: $(this).attr(“id”); vs

By Sam Deering



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Leading on from Speed Test $(this) vs .get() vs .eq() I decided to do a quick test to compare the speed of $(this).attr(“id”); vs which can be used on native attributes such as id, src, href, style etc… but not on properties such as bgcolor, data, etc…


Within context this changes but generally:

$(this) is a jQuery Object which has access to all the jQuery API
this is a reference to the DOM element

Use $(this) for DOM elements that have no yet been created.


this without the jQuery wrapper is slightly faster on the whole.

$(this).attr(“id”): 42ms 1ms

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Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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