jQuery Mobile Portfolio Site Template

Sam Deering

I have developed a basic jQuery Mobile Template for a Personal Portfolio Site free just for the jQuery4u blog readers! :) Features are specific to portfolios with this initial version of the template you can create a basic Mobile Portfolio Site with personal bio, portfolio image gallery and contact form. This is just the first version so stay tuned for updates.


How to Setup Your Own Mobile Portfolio Site

  1. Download the jQuery Mobile Portfolio Template files
  2. Enter your profile information and add a profile picture or choose one from the cartoon avatars
  3. Create your portfolio items either as single items with or as image galleries
  4. Enter your social links into the JS settings
  5. Enter your contact form name and email address into the JS setting
  6. Upload the site to your domain
  7. Add mobile sniffer code to redirect mobile viewers to the mobile site


Very basic clean looking homepage with 4 main sections.


Profile Section

The profile section is pretty basic and can contain personal details you might find on a standard resume such as name, age, location, skills, experience, education etc..



If you don’t want to use your own profile picture you can choose from some cool avatars in the Free Social Avatar Icon Set below.

Portfolio Section

The portfolio section can be used to show examples of your work as single items or as image galleries.


Portfolio Page.


Portfolio Image Gallery.


Portfolio Image.


Social Section

The social section is (at the moment) just links to your online web presence mostly social networks. I have further plans to keep users in the mobile site to view as social streams. We’ll see how this version goes first.


Heaps of social icons!


Contact Section

The contact page is a basic web form with submission to a PHP script which sends an email.



Comments welcome.