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jquery add image to browser cache

Sam Deering

This is how you might preloading images using jQuery to add the images to browser cache (as part of a DOM div element which is hidden).

(function($,D,W) {

    var JQUERY4U = {};


            loadingImage: '<img class="loading" src="images/loading.gif" alt="loading" />',
            ajaxImage: '<img class="msg-loading" src="images/ajax-loader.gif" alt="" />',
            savingImage: '<img class="loading" src="images/saving.gif" alt="saving" />'

        preloadImages: function()
            $('body').append('<div id="img-cache" style="display:none></div>');
            $.each(JQUERY4U.UTIL.images, function(i,v)


    $(D).ready(function($) {
        JQUERY4U.UTIL.preloadImages(); //preload images in browser cache


Other techniques

// Array of images:
var imageArray = ['image1.jpeg', 'image2.png', 'image3.gif'];

// Loop through and declare an element that will not actually be used.
$.each(imageArray, function (i, val) {
  $('<img />').attr('src', val);