Introducing Flippa: The New Place to Buy and Sell Web Sites

    Matthew Magain
    Matthew Magain
    The web entrepreneurs amongst you might have noticed that the SitePoint Marketplace development team have been a bit quiet on their blog lately.
    There’s a very good reason for their lack of updates: they’ve been quietly slaving away on a brand spanking new version of the marketplace! I’m very excited to be able to announce that the web site and domain sales on the SitePoint Marketplace will be moving very soon to an entirely new site — introducing, the new place to buy and sell web sites! You can check out the site right now (it’s a public beta, containing only fake listings for testing purposes) to see exactly what’s around the corner.
    Introducing, the all new place to buy and sell web sites
    If you’re an existing user of the SitePoint Marketplace, you can use your existing login to create listings, bid on listings, and generally put the site through its paces. The flippa team welcome your attempts to test all of the new features that they’ve created, so that any bugs can be dealt with before the site begins accepting real listings (there will be some — it is a proper beta, after all!). Long-time users of the marketplace will no doubt have lots of questions. The flippa team have a brand new blog
    , which will hopefully answer many of them. You can follow to stay in the loop about new features and other updates. They’re also using UserVoice and ZenDesk to handle all customer suggestions and support inquiries, and you can follow the team on Twitter at @flippa. Go take a look, experiment with the new site, and give the flippa team any feedback you might have — positive or negative. Whilst it’s impossible for big changes like this to please everyone, I’m sure you’ll agree that the simplicity of this new interface is a huge step forward for the marketplace. Buying and selling a web site has never been easier — visit now and let the team know what you think!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Flippa

    What is Flippa and how does it work?

    Flippa is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell websites, domains, and apps. It operates on a bidding system, where sellers list their digital assets and potential buyers place bids on them. The highest bidder at the end of the auction period wins the asset. Flippa provides a secure platform for transactions and offers various tools to help users evaluate the worth of the digital assets listed.

    How can I ensure a safe transaction on Flippa?

    Flippa has implemented several measures to ensure safe transactions. It uses an escrow service to hold funds until the buyer confirms receipt of the digital asset. Additionally, Flippa provides a verification system for sellers to prove the legitimacy of their assets. Buyers are encouraged to do their due diligence before making a purchase.

    How do I determine the value of a website on Flippa?

    Flippa provides a valuation tool that uses various factors such as traffic, revenue, and domain age to estimate the value of a website. However, the final selling price is determined by the market demand and the seller’s asking price.

    Can I sell my app on Flippa?

    Yes, Flippa allows users to sell mobile apps. The process is similar to selling a website or domain. You need to provide details about your app, including its revenue and user base, and set a starting price for the auction.

    What fees does Flippa charge?

    Flippa charges a listing fee to post your digital asset on the marketplace. Additionally, it charges a success fee when your asset is sold. The fees vary depending on the type and value of the asset.

    How long does it take to sell a website on Flippa?

    The duration of the sale depends on various factors such as the attractiveness of your listing, the starting price, and the market demand. However, most auctions on Flippa last for 7 to 30 days.

    Can I buy a domain on Flippa?

    Yes, Flippa offers a wide range of domains for sale. You can search for domains based on various criteria such as domain age, keyword, and price.

    How do I list my website for sale on Flippa?

    To list your website for sale, you need to create an account on Flippa, provide details about your website, set a starting price, and pay the listing fee. Once your listing is live, potential buyers can place bids on it.

    Can I negotiate the price on Flippa?

    Yes, Flippa allows buyers and sellers to negotiate the price. If a seller has set a ‘Buy It Now’ price, you can contact them to negotiate a lower price.

    What happens after I win an auction on Flippa?

    After winning an auction, you need to pay the agreed amount through Flippa’s secure payment system. Once the payment is confirmed, the seller will transfer the digital asset to you. Flippa’s support team is available to assist with the transfer process if needed.