HoneyPot Captcha

Sam Deering
Sam Deering


Interesting Idea for a Captcha, this is how it works. Create a honeypot form field that should be left blank and then use CSS to hide it from human users, but not bots. The bot will fill in the input thinking it’s a proper field but user won’t (it will be hidden and hence remain blank).

Now in your code, you can just check to make sure that the honeypot field is blank.

if($('#honeypot-div input').val() == '') {
	//is human
} else {
	//probably a bot (unless a auto fill script was run)

It’s kind of like the invisible captcha idea but it really simple to implement. PS – I haven’t yet tried this out it’s just an idea but if anyone has tried it before can you let me know how it was any good?