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Hauntingly Beautiful Artworks of Ethereal Beings

Tara Hornor

Ghosts, gouls, goblins, nymphs, fairies, wraiths, angels, demons — we have lots of words for ethereal beings. Of mythological proportions, built into the fabric of our psyche, we see them out of the corner of our eyes as we squint into a dark room and in our dreams. This collection explores the types of ethereal beings that resurface and seem to reoccur in art. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

Ghostly Presence


High Functioning


Dreams are Made of

Cam De Leon Art

Archangel Uriel

In truth there is love

Fallen Angel

Dark Angel


Heaven’s Little Angel

Fire Nymph

Sci Fi Fantasy Drow Nymph

Gothic Angel Holding Demon

Apparition Duet

Nicoletta Ceccoli “The Princess and the Prey”


Ghostly Face

The Spectral Splatter Wraith

Flower Angel


Ghostly Figure in Woods