Google, Microsoft, Apple Dominate the Conversation

Josh Catone

Despite all our griping about certain companies, there are some that the blogosphere just loves to write about more than others (whether positively or negatively). Yesterday, while looking at Techmeme, it struck me just how much a handful of companies really dominate the discussion in the tech blogosphere. So I decided to do some low level digging.

I came up with a list of 35 companies, groups, or web sites that I perceive to have dominated at least my coverage and reading the last couple of years as a professional tech blogger. Feel free to suggest anything that I may have missed! I then did searches on Techmeme to see how often these companies were mentioned in headline stories (these results are current as of this morning, October 2).

Not surprisingly, Google is easily the most talked about company in the tech blogosphere (especially when combined with some other much-buzzed Google properties, such as YouTube). More surprisingly, we apparently talk about Microsoft more than Apple. That makes sense, given how many different product lines Microsoft has, but it doesn’t jive with the perception I had in my head that Apple gets a lot more press attention.

The full results are below.

Term Mentions
Google 11922
Microsoft 9971
Apple 7338
Yahoo! 4907
Facebook 2478
YouTube 2168
MySpace 1493
AOL 1190
Amazon 1095
Twitter 1019
Verizon 978
eBay 938
Digg 936
Firefox 930
Skype 835
Adobe 658
IBM 602
Sun 593
Time Warner 557
Comcast 532
Flickr 500
Wikipedia 488
Second Life 447
RIAA 431
Cisco 373
Slide 351
Oracle 292
Netflix 290
Friendfeed 238
MPAA 170
Joost 143
Hulu 135
Delicious 119
Ning 92
StumbleUpon 84