By Shayne Tilley

Give Your Flippin’ Lawyer The Bird!

By Shayne Tilley

The Deluxe Web Site Sales ContractLadies and gentlemen, web site flipping professionals and novices alike, SitePoint is proud to present our new product: The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract.

Lately it seems like everyone’s talking about making a buck through buying and selling web sites; there are more sites dedicated to web site flipping than ever before, and the trend just seems to keep getting hotter. Our very own SitePoint Marketplace is absolutely booming, becoming an industry stalwart at such a rapid rate that even The New York Times has picked up on it.

This is all great news, but it’s important to cover yourself so that you don’t step on a land mine when you’re navigating this exciting field of opportunities. By using The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract you’ll be able to:


  • buy and sell web sites with confidence
  • protect yourself without incurring costly legal fees
  • customize your template to suit each sale
  • gain peace of mind for just US $97!

For a limited time we’re including a bonus Non-Disclosure Agreement—FREE! The NDA is the perfect pre-sale companion to The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract it gives you the confidence to disclose any information that may convince a prospective buyer and help to get the sale over the line.

The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract addresses the most important issue facing a web site buyer or seller: is this transaction safe? And because it’s a completely customizable download document, you can change it to suit any specific needs that future transactions may require.

Among other things, The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract covers:

  • sale of assets transfer of intellectual property
  • purchase price and payments
  • liabilities, bulk sales law, and sales tax
  • seller’s representations, warranties, and covenants
  • buyer’s representations, warranties, and covenants

And if any of these terms are completely foreign to you—then you REALLY need this contract!
If you’re buying or selling web sites, you need the cover that The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract offers. At just $97—and with a bonus NDA thrown in FREE—why not order a copy today? It just might spare you from giving your hard-earned cash to a lawyer.

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  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh Sitepoint… Great headline as it got me to click-through but seriously! A book is never going to be complete substitute for legal advice. Boo hoo.

  • It’s not a book, it’s a website sales contract template.

  • Does sitepoint have a soul any more?

    oOoOOooo comment preview…

  • Anonymous

    We’re heading down a slippery slope here. Pretty soon having a Virtual Realtor will be a site owner’s best friend – and another way Site Point can make a few bucks.

  • Honestly this sounds like a scam.

  • I don’t see why you think this is a scam. The SitePoint Marketplace turns over several millions of dollars a month in sales of web sites. For most buyers and sellers the options for protection are:

    1. Have no contract at all (which is crazy!)
    2. Download something from the web (takes time, the contract is not likely to be for this specific purpose, and it could be illegal) or
    3. Hire an expensive lawyer (which is expensive!).

    The contract we’re selling provides a handy and cost effective middle ground. Whilst it’s no substitute for proper legal advice, it’s better than no protection at all, and it is specifically written for website sales.

    The reason we’re selling this is because the customers who are spending millions of dollars a month in our marketplace buying web sites asked for it — you’re obviously not one of them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think people realise just how helpful this is. It’s a useful product and a reasonable price. SitePoint is a business don’t forget that.

  • I would have to grab this for sites I will be selling over $1,000.

  • Anonymous
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