Six Tips for a Killer Email Campaign

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Everyday we’re bombarded with emails that fill up our inbox and clutter our working lives. Most of the time, we either simply ignore or just delete them.

When it comes to sending an important email that you want read, there are a few key points you need to take into consideration that’ll ensure your email doesn’t end up in the trash and you get the response you want, right away.

1. Grab Readers’ Interest With Your Subject Line

Think of the subject line like a newspaper headline; it has to grab your attention and build up enough interest for you to keep reading.

A couple of great ways to generate interest in your subject line include:

  • Ask a question. We’re all programmed to answer questions put to us, no matter what the medium is. A good example of a question would be: “Are you struggling to get new business?” or “Can I get your thoughts on something?” I also like to use the headline: “Quick Question”. This tells the reader that opening and responding to an email will be a simple, painless experience.
  • Communicate benefits to the reader. If your email is going to benefit the recipient in some way, allude to that in your headline.
  • Be clear and precise. Provide enough detail in your message that the recipient can identify what you’re talking about quickly.

2. Keep it Short and Well-spaced

The longer your email is, the less likely your reader will respond in a timely manner … or perhaps at all! Ensure that you get to the point and that your message is clear. Don’t stray off the topic.

Add spacing between each sentence. Large chunks of text immediately get put into the too-hard basket.

3. Connect With the Recipient

Let the reader know what they can gain from your email. Everyone has that little voice in their head that says, “what’s in it for me?” Relate what you’re communicating directly to the reader.

Connect with the recipient on a personal level. Perhaps a mutual friend or a business associate has introduced you, or you may share a common interest with your reader. When you can establish a mutual connection, your reader is more likely to be engaged with your message.

4. Highlight the Main Points

Make your email easy to scan through and digest by underlining or bolding your main points. Use this technique for only your most important points and be careful not to overdo it, otherwise it loses its effect and just becomes annoying and difficult to read.

5. Include Your Details

If you’re emailing someone important, they’ll more than likely want to find out a little more about you before responding or saying “yes” to your request. Having your details clear also makes your reader feel like they’re responding to a real person and not just another big company.

6. Ask for a Response

Be clear about the type of action you want your reader to take. If you want your reader to respond by a specific date, give them a due date. Let the reader know how the action relates to your objectives.

Avoid having your email missed or sent straight to the trash and get the response you require by implementing the above tips today.


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Justin spent the last decade working with companies such as Disney and Myer developing and implementing media strategies across a number of advertising mediums. He exited the corporate world and found freedom becoming a freelance copywriter working with small to medium businesses, helping them increase their conversion, lead generation and revenue. In his spare time, he works on developing and marketing information products and exploring the world.

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