Flash Snapshot circa April 2004


Well, it’s been several months since the latest version of Flash and its incremental upgrade and several incarnations of the Flash Player have been released. Where do we stand now?…

There was a myriad of enhancements, additions and…ahem! component API deprecations with the latest major version not to mention many fine extensions and commands to make it easier to retrieve data from XML and Web Services.

All in all, a fine release, but have we reached the end of the road for development of the application that we know and love? Have Macromedia ran out of ideas and are simply planning tweaks and minor enhancements for the next version, or are we all in for a wave of new features that’ll bowl us all over.

I know some people seem to think that Flash has lost it’s way a little as it’s evolved over the years; with SWFs trying to emulate being a web page (albeit with a little more flair) via some of the components, and has lost touch with its grass root animation ancestry, but what i’m interested in here is your thoughts on the matter.

Do you think Flash needs to revisit its roots, or do you think its heading in the right direction? Do you think the Flash Player could be a little more heavyweight to include faster rendering or include more features? (standard regular expression support would be nice) After all whats a few KB amongst friends?

It’s my blog and i can ask if i want to :-)

I’d be interested to hear everyone