By Jennifer Farley

Five jQuery Galleries And Slideshows

By Jennifer Farley

What’s a web site without an image gallery these days? Galleries are used for products and portfolios and they have been getting sleeker, faster and lighter over time. jQuery plugins are available for almost every function you can think of, everything from widgets to animation effects. As a designer, there are many functions I’d like to add to a web site, however I don’t have the technical prowess to program or put it together, but I do know enough to slot some jQuery onto the page. Thankfully there are many developers out there who generously share their work and there are indeed some fabulous galleries and slideshows available as plugins.

Here are five sleek offerings which are available for free and are easy to implement on your site.

jQuery Lightbox is a simple and elegant way to overlay image on the current page.


See the demo here
Download and read more about installation here

Space For A Name, Gallery View is a beautifully clean and versatile gallery. It contains thumbnails, a semi-transparent overlay for image descriptions and captions for the thumbnails.

Space For Name

See a demo here
Download and read more about installation here

Mb Gallery is a clean, full featured photo gallery, with navigation toolbar, thumbnails, and auto-size frame. The gallery smoothly adjusts itself to the currently selected image size.


See a demo here
Download and read more about installation here

S3 Slider is a slideshow offering smooth transition of images with a semi-transparent area overlaid with the image description.


See a demo here
Download and read more about installation here

Galleriffic allows for two types of gallery setup, “simple” and “advanced”. The simple option uses text links to link to each image in the gallery while the advanced choice displays thumbnails on the left hand side. Other features include bookmark friendly URLs, image caption and descriptions and slideshow options.


See a demo here
Download and read more about installation here

Have you used these or other jQuery plugins on your website? Have you any recommendations for other galleries?

  • That s3Slider really looks great! I currently use the lightbox on my website but I am thinking about changing it to something else. It seems everyone is using a variant of the lightbox these days – it is loosing its impact.

  • I was just playing with s3slider last night. Really nice, although it doesn’t seem to accommodate JS being turned off.

    Then I stumbled on this one called SmoothGallery, which is really superb and accommodates JS off. (It uses moo tools, but that makes no difference to me, as it comes all set up and ready to go.)

    You can download the files here, and the package comes with some astounding demos, including multiple galleries.

  • I’ve used PrettyPhoto and FancyBox as well as jQuery Lightbox and S3 Slider before.

  • Should’ve added this to my previous comment: but for the best list of jQuery lightbox clones:

  • Veus

    We have used Galleria before available at

  • Thanks for these, I tend to stick to good old Lightbox, but I’ll try out a couple of these!

  • Sean

    That S3 Slider is pretty sexy.

  • Thanks guys for all the suggestions, lots of very cool-looking galleries and slideshows.

    @Veus I was having a look at Galleria and it looks brilliant. I got the impression from other commenters on their site that it was a bit tricky to get it working. How did you find it in terms of setup?

  • Dang I like that S3 Slider – other than the lightbox I haven’t heard of any of these other ones at the moment, nice list!

  • Galleriffic looks very nifty – now to get it to talk to Flickr’s photostream instead of providing the URLs myself… ;)

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