Drop the Mumbo Jumbo

Miles Burke
Miles Burke

I was looking at a few web developers’ websites recently, and was appalled at how tech-heavy most of them were.

Sure, it’s nice to show off that you understand the lingo, but prospects want to read your website without having to look in a dictionary.

Here’s the opening sentence on the homepage of a small web company I looked at;

Our team of developers will create XHTML and CSS that passes all validation and at the same time, meets your project requirements.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sure does; for the likes of you and I, that understand what is being said. The rule here is to use an active voice and keep the copy succinct and to the point.

I’m betting that the following sentence would work better for them than their current one;

We’ll exceed your website needs, and ensure everything ‘under the hood’ is taken care of as well.

Cast a critical eye over your own website right now; spot any acronyms or long tracts of text? Drop the mumbo jumbo and write your content with the reader in mind – not just other web developers.

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