DevHub’s $20,000 Affiliate Offer

By Craig Buckler

DevHubAs we reported last week, DevHub is a new web publishing system that makes it easy for aspiring non-technical developers to build and monetize a site.

Over 100,000 websites were created within the first month of launch. To attract new sign-ups, DevHub also pays affiliates 10% of whatever a referred user earns. To become an affiliate, you need to register, click “My Referrals”, and use the links or banners provided.

However, the company has just announced a headline-making promise to pay their top affiliates US$20,000. To qualify for the bonus payment, you must generate $5,000 of referral revenue by 31 December 2009. As soon as that occurs, DevHub will credit your account with an additional $20,000.

But what are the catches?

  • Be under no illusion: you will need to work hard to get the referrals.
  • Your referred clients must build successful sites that generate at least $50,000 of advertising income (after DevHub has taken their share).
  • It will become increasingly difficult to attract new sign-ups as the user base grows. Remember that your referred clients may start referring others to DevHub using their own affiliate codes.
  • DevHub has only been operating a few weeks and there is little information about potential earnings at this stage. My example Formula 1 site raised a total affiliate revenue of $0.05 in 4 days. Your sites will need to work better than my paltry effort!
  • The long-term future of DevHub looks good, but it can not be guaranteed.

$20,000 is certainly an attractive deal and it is likely to lead to an explosion in new registrations. However, I suspect the only successful affiliates will be those who sign-up early and push the service before it becomes a mainstream success.

Want to try? Sign up at DevHub (affiliate link – all proceeds donated to charity)

Are you tempted by DevHub’s offer? Is $5,000 revenue in 9 months achievable and realistic? Do you think it will raise DevHub’s profile above competing site builders? Is this the start of similar affiliate deals?

  • Anonymous

    good idea to get users for useless tool, I have signed up with a test account and surprised that the website builder have no option to edit template via CSS or HTML .. !!

  • I’ve been assured by the developers that HTML and CSS editing is coming shortly. I think that will certainly help developers produce cheap custom websites for low-paying clients. There are plenty of companies in that market sector.

  • Well It doesnt support Greek characters. When you type Greek in the menu builder (Pages & Navigation tab) it shows allright everywhere except in the front-end.

  • Check greece/ and watch how the top menu displays. Should display Greek but shows ????.

  • mrflournoy

    Hi. It seems to be a great tool for throwing together quick sites. My suggestion is to get in on the land grab before all the good domains are taken. I just created this site: . Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • yikes that is quite a challenge indeed :). I will sign up only if you truly are donating it to charity.

  • Interesting. And at the same time not. I don’t know anything about their product, but this one borders on feeling like web prostitution…..

  • I will sign up only if you truly are donating it to charity.

    It certainly is. Although the commissions total is currently showing a grand total of $0.00! It showed just over $6 a couple of days ago, so I think something quirky might be happening with the DevHub reports system.

  • JT (Devhub employee)

    Hey Craig. The zeroing out of the account is likely just the fact that the default report view for an account is the current month. Your message was posted on April 2nd, which would make “a couple days ago” the end of March. If you check your march earnings report (under ‘monthly reports’), you should see that the earnings are still intact.

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