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Frivolous Friday Links – Destroy That Web Page!

Craig Buckler

It’s Friday. I realize freelancers often work during the weekend but, for many, this is the best day of the working week. It’s a good time to catch up on some interesting technology links you may have missed. All these can be justified as “research” … they may be fun, but that’s pure co-incidence!


HTML Asteroids

If you’ve been annoyed by this article or a comment, don’t get mad — get even. The ‘Kick Ass’ bookmarklet turns any web page into a game of Asteroids. Rotate and thrust with the cursor keys and press space to fire …

Click here to destroy this page!

Brilliant — and removing adverts is far more amusing than AdBlock! It works by overlaying a canvas on top of the page then using a sprinkling of JavaScript magic to detect and disintegrate the HTML. It even keeps your score.

1kb competition


Do you remember those JavaScript competitions which challenged you to build a fully-functioning web application in 10kb? Not hard-core enough? Take a look at the 1Kb competition. JavaScript libraries were banned and bonus points were awarded for entries which could fit in a 140 character tweet.

The competition is over, but there were some amazing submissions from the winner, Legend Of The Bouncing Beholder (a Mario-like game), as well as Tiny Chess (which, embarrassingly, beat me on several occasions), WOLF1K and the rainbow characters (a Wolfenstein 3D game), Crazy multiplayer 2-sided Pong and the obligatory Tetris — which even includes music.

Are your monolithic web pages running to several megabytes? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Never Mind the Bullets

Never Mind the Bullets

Never Mind the Bullets is a stunning interactive comic with affects achieved using HTML5, CSS3, SVGs and JavaScript. And you’ll never guess who created it … Microsoft. It was developed to show off IE9’s new features so it runs best in that browser.

The Wilderness Downtown

This site has been mentioned in the SitePoint podcast, but it’s worth repeating for those who missed it. It’s a Chrome experiment which shows a customized music video for Arcade Fire’s “We Used To Wait”. It’s ground-breaking: Bohemian Rhapsody for the HTML5 generation.

How to Make an Internet Web Page

Finally, I’m afraid our future careers are doomed. This concise article describes how to create a web page in 6 easy steps. It gives away all our deepest secrets — anyone can replace us.

Bonus link: International Karate
Here’s a quick link I found shortly before publishing this post. It’s an emulation of the excellent “International Karate” by System 3 on the Commodore 64. Yes, it’s of limited use and has been developed using Flash. I don’t care — the game’s still great 25 years on! Happy memories for those of us of a certain age.

Have a great weekend.

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