By Russ Weakley

CSS3 Video Tutorial: not Selector

By Russ Weakley

This video is now outdated. Not to worry! Here is a link to a section of Russ’s most recent course which covers the negation or not pseudo-class:


  • thanks for great tutorial ;)

  • I have done a little work with CSS2, a little bit with CSS3. CSS3 not selector is new element for me in CSS3, as before CSS3 only selectors are used in CSS. RUSS thanks a lot for increasing my knowledge. Tutorial is good enough to learn not selectors completely.

  • @Husien and @StationaryDesign, thanks for the feedback!

  • what a lot of info for such a simple thing? and i never had anny use for it, in my work if i want a non selector i just overwrite it?

  • sandie wilson

    Thanks for the great tutorial, it has cleared a few points up that have been confusing me for some time.

  • Michael Morris

    :not is only useful for designer who’ve *not* got a good grasp on how cascading works. You style the global cases, then the specific ones. :not is only real useful when you’re trying to do the reverse.

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