Create a Compelling 300 x 250px Advertisement

Anum Khan

Appealing advertisements are critical for any marketing campaign. You can easily win people over with creative and compelling advertisement design, and even the smallest visual improvements can have a dramatic, amplified effect on the bottom line of your ad campaign. A good ad will intrigue your potential customers and inspire curiosity. So, today we are going to create an advertisement for the widely-used 300 x 350x ad size. We will make it bright and exciting, and we’ll use some interesting techniques and blending options. So, let’s get started.


Grunge Patterns

Final result: (Download the finished, layered PSD file.)

Step 1

Open Photoshop and create a new file with a 300px width and a 250px height.

Step 2

Fill the entire canvas with color #027368 using the paint bucket tool and add the pattern from our resources.

Step 3

Create a new layer, select the pen tool, and create the following shape.

Step 4

Add a drop shadow to the above shape using the following settings.

Step 5

Create a second, similar shape, this time with color #d97014.

Step 6

Now, click on layer styles and add a drop shadow. Use the settings below.

Step 7

Create another shape using color #FFFFFF. Then, add a pattern overlay and a drop shadow using the following settings.

Step 8

Repeat the same process and create two more shapes on the side. Add the same drop shadow used in earlier steps.

Step 9

Select the rectangle tool and add stripes at the bottom of your canvas using colors #d97014 and # 8abf9c.

Step 10

Add another rectanglar stripe using color #FFFFFF and add the following pattern overlay.

Step 11

Now, let’s add the title. Select the type tool and add your desired title using color #d97014. Click on “Layer styles” to add a pattern overlay and a drop shadow using the settings below.

Step 12

Select the “Warp Text” tool and adjust the settings to get the wave effect shown below.

Step 13

Let’s start adding some finer details. Select the ellipse tool and create a small circle using color #d97014. Now, click on “Layer styles” and add a stroke with the following values.

Step 14

Repeat the same process to create bullets. Add some compelling text alongside each bullet to describe the offer that you’re advertising.

Step 15

For the main button, select the rounded rectangle tool and create a “call to action” area using color #d97014.

Step 16

Now, add an inner shadow and a drop shadow using the following settings.

Step 17

Select the type tool to add text to your call to action, then add some drop shadow to this new text.

Step 18

Select the type tool again and add the URL text on the white strip at the bottom.

We are done! Our advertisement design is ready. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. I’ll be back soon, until then, have fun!