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By Amit Diwan

How to Craft the Perfect 404 Page

By Amit Diwan
Three street signs indicating dead ends.

Photo: rustman

Chances are, if you’ve never hit a 404 page, you’ve probably never used the internet.

The concept is simple: If a client computer requests a URL that the server can’t resolve, the server responds with the ‘404 Not Found’ response – or in other words “Yes, I’m here, but I can’t find the item you requested”.

While the 404 was born as a simple necessity of the HTTP protocol, a lot of user experience design and even a certain subculture has grown up around it.

There are some rules which should be followed to create a perfect 404 error page:


The error page design should not distract user from the website’s sole motive of user engagement. Most people consider it as the most annoying page (broken). It should be designed first and foremost to help you visitors, and in the process avoid them switching to another website.

As a secondary goal, the 404 can also provide a opportunity to build your brand while making a positive, and hopefully lasting impression on your users. As a general rule, it’s often the people that have an initially negative experience (for instance, getting lost), but that are then helped that can become your biggest cheerleaders.

The usage of colors, image scale should be appropriate to avoid that annoyed feeling of visiting broken links/error page. As we all know, well-designed web pages build brands.

Social media links

Providing social media links on the 404 page is a great way to both solve a users problem and to gather more users at the same time. The website’s official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and other page links can be provided for social media engagements.

This also introduces the possibility of crowd sourced user support. Often – especially overnight – a lost or disoriented user can be helped by other users even before the official social channel operators have had time to respond.

Principal Links

Every user should know some important links of the website that helps in more users engagement.

However, this is NOT a time for presenting your entire sitemap. If the user is lost, don’t make them filter through dozens of links to find what they’re looking for. Keep the presented options to 6 or 7 at most.

In most situation these might include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Home
  • Recent Posts
  • Search
  • About
  • Contact

This is certainly an opportunity to prioritize (and even pre-fill) your site search function. On smaller sites, where the majority of incoming traffic goes to two or three popular posts, it may be worth linking those post on your 404 page.

Provide a Online Contact Form

User can also be given some directions by providing an inline contact form. The form should be provided to enter the details of what they were searching for and what they found while searching (broken link, error page etc.) the error page.

Live chat help is also a worthwhile consideration– particularly if lost users feeds strongly into lost sales on your site.

This can help the visitors in finding what they want and what we missed. Remember to keep the form simple which can easily allow vistors to send message.

Audio/Video/Flowchart Humor

An auto-play Audio/Video can also be provided on an error page which guides further or which describes the organization. Humor as part of an explanation can also be taken into consideration for the same with some amusing animation.

This is a opportunity to possibly surprise, delight and entertain a user at a time when they aren’t expecting it – while also solving their problems.

Below, I am listing some of my favourite 404 error page designs running around the web. Just check them and make your website’s error page fantastic with some creative and informative designs.

Some are really interesting as they give useful information and links which makes them exceptionally great. You can also point the ones which really needs improvement in terms of design or information.


Craigslist provides a simple error page with homepage link and some basic design.


Niki Brown

Some important links are provided on this page with a new concept of giving secret links which redirects to some good music. This can help users in visiting the page for some more time.

Niki Brown


Here, download image link is given which shows an excellent formulation of design. The same is done in a way which reflects the main motive of the website i.e toy and models.



This provides with an animated link, it is a unique way to represent 404 page through which every design part redirecting to another interactive link which includes games, interactive text and mouse cursor effects, sound effects etc.


Simple error page with feed for latest posts, this can help in engaging users to focus on some other related posts.


This is another way of representing a 404 page which looks different from other, but they surely missed many things.

Expansion Broadcast

Fill the form given on this error page, if you didn’t found what you were searching for. This is an excellent way of interacting with the visitor which can also further help in gaining some social presence by Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Expansion Broadcast


Simple design with simple messages stating some useful information/error messages about the page requested.


Orange Coat

Another excellent way of representation by a flowchat which guides visitors for the next immediate step.

Orange Coat


A visitor reaching this page can find some good information with important FAQs, feedback, download links etc.


Design Zillas

Great way of representing 404 page with some good design, official social media links, and contact information.


They’ve shown a familiar character “Ninja” to convey their message and emailid. The design looks good here.


webo group

Simple 404 error page design.

Griffin Technology

Another basic design with links to contact the Webmaster and support team.

Griffin Tech


Another error page with some unique thoughts with video provided as a way to stop users from leaving the website. Gosh, the video doesn’t exist, is it a way to show their humor side or they really missed it? Some important information and links like downloading free app for iPhone or Android, signing up is also provided on the website.



It is certainly an amazing design if compared with some other ones.



This error page isn’t good in terms of information, but the way they’ve represented the random images is excellent.

Trent Walton


They’ve provided an Advanced Search option which will help in deeper search for your query. Some important links are also provided for visitors at one place.



Mozilla error page have provided some tips for visitors with homepage and bug tracker link.



Ok. The truth is the 404 page on THCNET doesn’t really help you find whatver you were looking for on THCNET before you hit the 404. Instead they present you with a live, playable version of the ancient (early 1980’s) text adventure game Zork. Try going north (‘n’) and climb the tree to see it in action.

For me, at least, this is probably more compelling than whatever I was originally looking.



Limpfish design is very simple with some space for humor in their content which redirects to homepage after clicking. But, they surely missed some important and social media links.



Their error page allows users to read information with some links – homepage, sitemap, and feedback page. The page looks good with the concise text and basic design.



Heinz have kept it simple by providing popular product and some other important links on their 404 page. They’ve also designed it simply by placing their product’s image quite well.


Inspiration Bit

They’ve shown some intelligence in their 404 error page by providing popular, recommended, favourite bits. The visitor will at least click on any of these links even if the search query was different before. You might also notice that these links are provided on every page with social media icons.


Realmac Software

I bet, you can’t stop laughing after reaching this page. They’ve also provided with some important links for their official twitter, flickr and vimeo accounts.

Real Mac Software

Real Mac Software

Home Star Runner

Get ready to listen for some sound. This 404 page is designed to show what the website wants to convey – simple cartoon design and some text with humor.

Home Star Runner


Studytonight demonstrates an excellent way to engage users by using a character with an exeptionally well written text. Some principal links are also given.


Any Others?

I liked the nickybrown, nosh, and project-euh 404 page, what about you?

If you’ve seen any other design or created one for your own website that you believe deserves a mention, please mention it in the comment section.

  • A danish dating site has a funny approach. They show you a piece of music. I kinda like that.

  • Alex Walker

    I like those tiny desk concerts. A good find, Sebastian.

  • amit d

    Right, another great way to win users – great find @sebastiantd:disqus

  • Anthony

    Always liked Github’s “This is not the web page you are looking for” 404:

  • Richard

    The most awkward 404 page on the internet surely deserves a mention:

  • Alex Walker

    Can’t go wrong with an Octocat AND a Star Wars reference!

  • Nathan
  • Ralph Mason

    Unfortunately, all the links in this article and the subsequent conversation seem to be landing on 404 pages. ☹ Could somebody fix this please?

    • amit d

      your take surely matches with point 5th – “Humor” :)

    • Alex Walker

      Haha you got me a beauty there, Ralph! Particularly as we often moderate comments for a queue, rather than in the context of the article. “Wha?? 404?? But how could they ALL be… ” ..

      oh.. ;-P

      • Ralph Mason

        Heehee. Sorry Alex. I couldn’t resist. Hope it didn’t cause too much stress. :-)

  • Anand

    Did anyone else notice that the ACME 404 page reads “BILL SUX” in the graphic?

  • amit d

    yup, sure – liked the video, really awkward 404 page:)

  • Malachi with a pacman game. Now there was another one mentioned here: but that space invaders game doesn’t exist anymore.. unfortunately…

  • Iza

    There are many more examples on the 404 Lab

    I agree that helpful and well-designed 404 error page can improve user experience, but I deduct points from those that imply that the user made an error. This is even more annoying when the broken link happens to be on the website that generates the 404 page.

    Broken links happen for all sorts of reasons, so help your visitors get to where they were going quickly, entertain them if you think it is appropriate, but don’t blame them for clicking on a broken link.

    • amit d

      Right, this can help in engaging more users without blaming them for clicking on a broken link.

  • amit d

    thanks for mentioning, another good idea…

  • Marius Retro image with links to other sections on the site

  • James Harris

    Here’s one that is not “very remarkable” in any of our usual categories of interest (e.g. humor, art, techie-ness) but it’s “pretty good” IMHO:


  • canuckcrafts

    Be sure not to “blame” the user … the page by Design Zilla seems to lay the blame on the user getting lost … instead the message should be supportive and say the request could not be handled, or some such statement to reassure the user it was not their fault. Many 404’s are a result of outdated or incorrect links .. not the result of the user getting “lost” .. they are just following the links provided to them.

  • Alex Walker

    That’s a very good point, @canuckscrafts. Even if you know it’s totally the users’ fault (how can you?), there’s almost always nothing to gain from playing the blame game with them.

    For whatever reason they chose to come to your site, had a negative experience when they hit a 404, and now you’re going to double up the negative by wiggling your naughty finger at them.

  • Alex Walker

    That is genius! I wouldn’t mind betting Steve’s 404 page earns him clients. Who would think that a 404 could be a sales tool?

  • amit d

    Yup, its good with some important links and they’ve also provided with Contact us page link for further information.

  • Hey, don’t forget of Mint…, they always had awesome 404s. I’m just a geek (does anyone remembers the reference?)

  • Wow, a commodore 128… good ol’ times

  • Andrew

    pretty happy with this example too:

  • amit d

    that’s gud, specially for some important links…

  • amit d

    I would prefer mint..

  • amit d

    A great find, no one has ever thought of an idea like this….

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