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By Gabrielle Gosha

15 Creative and Artistic Contact Pages

By Gabrielle Gosha

Web designers spend countless hours creating the ideal website to reflect their personality or their (client’s) business. Despite the energy, effort, and talent utilized, many of these sites champion a one-way flow of information and leave interactivity with their clients — achieved usually through a contact page — as an afterthought.

Sometimes, you will find that the contact page doesn’t exist, isn’t functioning properly, or is nothing more than a generic, uninspired web form. (Who is going to take the time to fill out such a bland, tedious contact page?) If you are offering a service or just trying to gather like-minded individuals to create discussion, you are going to need an inviting contact page.

The contact page is typically your last chance to provide more information to your visitors before they go elsewhere, so having a functional design is critical. Today I’m sharing some creative contact pages that will hopefully inspire you to evaluate your current page design.

The Barrelhouse Flat

the barrelhouse flat_tn

Artisan Media

artisan meddia_tn



Envy Labs

envy labs_tn

Café Evoke

cafe evoke_tn



Modo Luce

modo luce_tn



Red Tiki

red tiki_tn

Denise Chandler

denise chandler_tn

Gorgeous TV


Christian Sparrow

christian sparrow_tn

Neopolitan Clothing

neopolitan clothing_tn

Online Department

online department_tn



  • I really love your creative and expressive ways to generate more interest to the contact page. I agree, there are many people who underestimate it’s importance and needs to be produced with much more thought and creativity. Your examples are really terrific and are inspiring for designers.

    Great post!

    • Thank you very much. I am glad you find the article inspiring and I hope others will as well.

  • Such a simple yet fun post. I have seen quite a few posts like this done on 404 pages recently so it’s a nice refresh to see a different page being used.

    My favourite are the Christian Sparrow and Gorgeous TV contact pages. I love the way the cats move as you hover over them on Gorgeous TV.

    Really great post :)

    • Thanks. I really love the Christian Sparrow and Gorgeous TV contact pages too. There is something really cool and engaging about the cats speaking.

  • I’d vote for Christian Sparrow and IndoFolio. Both have really nice looking background pictures.

    • Good choices. I think the background pictures are nice touches, makes them stand out.

  • Great list. We have a pretty different contact form too. Old school envelope style! Please check –

    • Thanks Aravind and thank you for sharing. I plan to cover unique contact forms very soon and will definitely include yours.

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