15 Creative and Artistic Contact Pages

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Web designers spend countless hours creating the ideal website to reflect their personality or their (client’s) business. Despite the energy, effort, and talent utilized, many of these sites champion a one-way flow of information and leave interactivity with their clients — achieved usually through a contact page — as an afterthought.

Sometimes, you will find that the contact page doesn’t exist, isn’t functioning properly, or is nothing more than a generic, uninspired web form. (Who is going to take the time to fill out such a bland, tedious contact page?) If you are offering a service or just trying to gather like-minded individuals to create discussion, you are going to need an inviting contact page.

The contact page is typically your last chance to provide more information to your visitors before they go elsewhere, so having a functional design is critical. Today I’m sharing some creative contact pages that will hopefully inspire you to evaluate your current page design.

The Barrelhouse Flat
the barrelhouse flat_tn
Artisan Media
artisan meddia_tn
Envy Labs
envy labs_tn
Café Evoke
cafe evoke_tn
Modo Luce
modo luce_tn
Red Tiki
red tiki_tn
Denise Chandler
denise chandler_tn
Gorgeous TV
Christian Sparrow
christian sparrow_tn
Neopolitan Clothing
neopolitan clothing_tn
Online Department
online department_tn

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