Yahoo and Google what's the difference?

I am still confused with my page, some of my blog page with specific keywords can be in position 1 in google, but why in the yahoo page is not even indexed.
need an explanation of seo experts
Thank you


Yahoo’s search engine is actually powered by Bing now.

If you want to target it, you will have to also target Bing. Like Google, Bing also has a webmaster tools dashboard. Getting that set up is a good starting point.

may be you have problem in your robot file
so just allow search engine as much you needed.

already done, but have not seen the results I have been using bing webmaster almost simultaneously with google webmaster

It might be possible that Bing is slower to crawl than Google.
Give it a few days and see what happens.

When you say your site hasn’t been indexed, do you mean that nothing appears in Bing Webmaster Tools or in a search on either Yahoo! or Bing? Or do you simply mean that your site is not appearing in the Yahoo! search results?

I recently launched a small site. All eleven pages are showing up in Google Webmaster Tools, and in a Google search, but only two pages show up in a similar search on Yahoo! or Bing, and only two pages are listed in Bing Webmaster Tools.

On the other hand, both those pages appear on the first page of Yahoo! SERPs for the main search term, with one of them in first place for a more specific term. Whereas on Google, only one page appears anywhere in the top ten pages, around the bottom of page two for the main search term, and the bottom of page one for the more specific term. So having pages indexed and having them returned in the SERPs is not necessarily the same thing.

Only efficiency matter. Google having separate process to crawl and indexed the pages on their search engine and yahoo also have their separate process. Google is more efficient in comparison with Yahoo. If you want to indexed your website/blog on yahoo then you need to submit your blog in yahoo directory and webmaster tool.

Google lists about twice as many web pages as any of the other search engines (about 15% of pages compared to under 7% of web pages for most search engines). This means that you can expect your pages to list lower in the results in Google than in the others as Google lists more alternatives that might get higher placement.

You can:

Add your site to yahoo/bing webmaster tool

Edit your robots text file to allow other search engines to crawl into your site.

This one’s for indexing.

You can check with yahoo if your site has been indexed or not by typing this into yahoo’s searching -

site:.(yourdomain without the www).com

now a few pages of my blog already appears in the Yahoo engine, but with different positions for the same keywords, SERP in Google higher than yahoo,

Google is an American public corporation, which is specialize in search engine, and today it is world’s no. 1 search engine.

Yahoo is an American public corporation and the internet service provider for news, emails, yahoo directory, search engine etc.

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