Bing & Yahoo: SEO

On Google I am getting 50,000 indexed results for my website using the site command “” but on Bing and Yahoo I am only getting about 200 results. Is there something I am doing wrong with my SEO? Should I not even worry about Bing and Yahoo? Am I using the wrong command for Bing/Yahoo? Or is there anything I can do to improve these results? The site is about 7 years old now so deep crawling shouldn’t be an issue lol


For a start, if you’re targeting a general global audience then Bing and Yahoo are of limited relevance.

For a second, do you really have 50,000 pages on your site? Or is Google just getting over-excited and double counting lots of pages? Go through the 200 pages listed on Bing and Yahoo, and see which, if any, key pages are missing from that list. If that covers more-or-less all pages on your site that you expect to be reasonably popular then you’re fine. If there are lots of key pages that are missing on Bing/Yahoo then report back here, and we might need to do a bit more detective work.

50,000 does seem a bit high for the website so it may be crawling some pages multiple times. My guess is that this could be due to site categories reporting themselves back to the same pages using different routes to get there dynamically in PHP. If this is hurting SEO in any way then I will definitely want to look into this further with our programmer. There should be at the minimum 5000 unique pages give or take so 200 still seems quite low.