Can Yahoo Index Website Quickly?

Hello Mates,

Can anyone tell me Yahoo algorithm. How Yahoo algorithm work nowadays? because I want to index my website quickly as Google.

Roses Mark

Yes why not, but yahoo concentrate on your on-page rather than your off-page if your on-site issues are fix and then obviously you will get good results and fast index in yahoo search engine, usually people neglect yahoo as a search engine, but i think we should not neglect it.

Basics are the same for Yahoo and Google. But google is smarter. You can practice few black hat SEO and i believe you can escape easily from Yahoo. There is no such absolute assurance that Yahoo index faster. It depends on the content, the domain where you posting etc. Often i saw goolge index faster. No body knows about Google and Yahoo algorithm.

[font=verdana]Yes. Yahoo can. We can’t. It’s like to recipe for Coke – it’s a trade secret.

As cobwebseo says, the basics for getting indexed and ranked on Yahoo are pretty much the same as they are for Google. The big difference is that Google gets lots and lots of visitors, whereas Yahoo doesn’t get very many. So unless you are specifically aiming at a demographic that you know uses Yahoo a lot more than the average, it isn’t generally worth worrying about specific strategies for Yahoo.[/font]

Basics remain pretty much the same for all search engines. Benefit of Yahoo is that it gives more value t on-page as compared to Google. Thus chances for ranking in yahoo easily are more as compared to google.

hmm agree , there is not much difference in yahoo and google algorithms but google concentrate on off page while yahoo on pages. google have much more visitor than yahoo, so yahoo will give much value to your on page , it will be easy to get ranked on yahoo than google.

It’s totally right that yahoo mostly concentrate on on pages . if you do changes in your website on pages then yahoo will quickly index your website.

The matter is how much traffic you get from Yahoo. We want more pages being indexed quickly to start receiving traffic for different search queries but probably this may not be true in case of Yahoo. Even old sites gets less traffic (people often discuss about low Yahoo traffic on other forums) from Yahoo so there is nothing much to concern about how fast Yahoo indexes as this is not going to help you much in gaining traffic (some exceptions may be there).