Why Yahoo search engine is harder than Google


After submitting new articles to directories and new pages to Social bookmarking sites, my new web pages got indexed on the 3rd or 4rd page on Google after 1 or 2 months. But I never found these pages on Yahoo.

I think because I don’t pay for Yahoo to be included in their search engine.

Do we really have to pay to be included in Yahoo search engine?


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Google crawlers continue on crawling. while evaluate to that of yahoo, at the similar time google make more traffic evaluating to further search engines

I very much doubt it. For any reputable search engine to so blatantly manipulate its results and give preferential treatment to its own customers would be completely out of line, and it would be pretty obvious in the search results if they were not listing sites in order of relevance.

There is no need to pay to Yahoo. Search engines have not the same strategy. They are totally different from each other. keep continue your efforts your site will be ranked

No, you don’t have to pay to be included in Yahoo. Different search engines have different algorithms, which is why some sites and pages can do a lot better in one search engine rather than another.

If you haven’t already done so, check if Yahoo has indexed your pages - search for site:domain.com to see all the pages it has listed on domain.com. If the pages are not listed, it may help to submit the site to Yahoo. If the pages are listed, it’s a case of continuing to improve the search-friendliness of your site, and waiting to see if things get better.

I’ve always thought that Yahoo gave higher rank to those who are enrolled into their Search Marketing program?