Increae google and yahoo but decrease on bing?

Hello Friends,

I am working a site which are good on yahoo and Google but it’s not good ranking on bing or msn,when i am following same strategy for all search engines then my site not good on bing ? should bing seo policies are different s then yahoo and google and what i will do get good rank on bing ?


Hi Preeti,

All Google, Yahoo and Bing are three major search engines on web they all three have different algorithms for crawling and Indexing a website. It is not necessary if your website is rank on Google and Yahoo should also rank on Bing.

It’s true that all the search engines use slightly different methods to determine the ranking. But to be honest, unless you are targeting an audience that has a particularly high usage of Bing, it isn’t worth putting in a lot of effort specifically for Bing. Google has a much bigger market share, so you can often get more value out of making sure your site is doing as well as it can in Google.